1. Maurice Greene Hop Ale (Brewed September 2007)

This was St. Cecilia’s inaugural batch – a hybrid ale that’s hop-forward, clean and crisp, fairly light, and well-balanced. It was a great first-timer recipe since it involves no soaking grains, a short boil, and doesn’t require a secondary fermentation. The results, however, were highly drinkable and very popular.  I did not own a hydrometer when I brewed this, so I don’t have gravity information, but estimate a final ABV around 4.5 to 5%.

3.3 lbs. Briess Pilsen Light malt extract syrup
3 lbs. Northwestern Gold dry malt extract
4 oz. Czech Saaz hop pellets
1 oz. Mt. Hood hop pellets
White Labs 001 California Ale yeast vial

Set vial of yeast out to room temperature a few hours before pitching.
Bring water to a boil (as much as your pot has room for; full 5 gallons if possible but at least 2 or 2.5 gallons).
When boil reached, add malt extracts and stir.
When pot returns to the boil, set your timer for 50 minutes and add one ounce of Saaz hops.
Add one ounce of Saaz in 10-minute increments.
At 50 minutes, add the Mt. Hood hops and remove from heat.
Cover the pot and let steep for a few minutes.  Bring the temperature of the wort down to 85-90 degrees F and transfer to the fermenter. Add cold water as necessary to reach 5 gallons.  Shake thoroughly to aerate the wort.
When wort cools to 74 degrees, shake the yeast vial and pitch.  Shake wort again for about 30 seconds, seal with an airlock or blowoff tube.
Brew for 5-10 days, then keg or prime and bottle.  Let bottles sit for 2 weeks.

2. Silvius Leopold Dunkel-Weiss (brewed December 2007)

I haven’t yet mastered the trick of a good Hefeweizen to my satisfaction.  However, this extract Dunkelweizen from my first year of brewing came out exceedingly well, and is worth including here.  OG = 1056.  FG = 1011-1014.  ABV around 5.5%.

1 lb German Light Crystal Malt
0.5 lb Chocolate Wheat Malt
6 lbs Briess Wheat extract  syrup
1 lb Dark DME
1 oz Liberty hop pellets
1 oz Tettnang hop pellets
White Labs 351 Bavarian Weizen yeast

Soak Crushed grains in mesh bag in 2.5 gallons (or 5 gallons for a full boil) water at 155 F for 50 minutes. Remove grains (being sure to strain as much liquid out of the bag as possible), then bring liquid to a boil. Add malt extracts, then return to boil and set timer for 60 minutes.  At 10 minutes, add Liberty hops. At 60 minutes, remove from heat and add Tettnang hops. Bring temperature down and rack to secondary, adding cold water to achieve 5 gallons total. Shake well to aerate, pitch yeast at 74F.  Ferment for 5-10 days — warmer fermentations (above 70F) yield stronger clove/banana characteristics; cooler fermentations yield a cleaner finish.  Transfer to secondary fermenter along with 11 oz sourwood honey.  Leave in secondary for 1-2 weeks, until gravity readings stabilize. Prime and bottle; let bottles sit for 2-3 weeks.

3. Stanford’s Organ Fund Stout  (Brewed September 2008)

St. Cecilia’s one-year anniversary brew, an excellent basic Dry Irish Stout extract recipe.  OG 1040-1050. FG 1010-1014. ABV 4.5-5%

0.75 lb English Black Patent Malt
0.25 lb American Roast Barley
6 lbs Dark LME
1 lb Dark DME
1 oz Challenger hop pellets
1 oz East Kent Golding hop pellets
1 oz Irish Moss
White Labs WLP004 Irish Ale Yeast

Soak grains in 155F water for 1 hour. Sparge with hot water and let as much water as possible drain out of the bag.  Bring to boil; add malt extracts, return to boil. Set boil timer for 70 minutes.  Add Challenger hops at 10 minutes. Add Irish Moss at 55 minutes.  Add Goldings hops at 60 minutes.  Remove from heat and cool to 74 degrees; pitch yeast.
Ferment in primary for 7 days; rack to secondary and let sit for 5-10 days. Prime and bottle; let bottles sit for 2 weeks.

Ralph Vaughan Williams Down Ampney Coffee Porter (Brewed December 2008)

An English Brown Porter base recipe with the addition of freshly-ground (organic) coffee.  OG 1050, FG 1010-1015. ABV 5%

0.75 lb Chocolate malt
0.5 lb 45L Crystal malt
6 lb Amber LME
1 lb Dark DME
1 oz Northdown hops
1 oz East Kent Golding hops
1.5 oz coarsely ground coffee beans (dark roast), divided into 1 oz and 0.5 oz portions
White Labs WLP013 London Ale Yeast

Soak grains in 155F for 1 hour.  Boil; add extracts, return to boil. Add Northdown hops at start of boil.  Add Golding hops last 10 minutes of boil.  60-minute boil. Add 1 oz ground coffee at flameout.  Primary fermentation for 10 days.  Rack to secondary; add 0.5 oz ground coffee into Secondary.  Let sit for 5-10 days then bottle. Let sit for 2 weeks, but will noticeably improve after 6 weeks.


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