Wolcum, Yule!

Each year the Old Brewery (aka Samuel Smiths) brews their Winter Welcome Ale.  And each year, we eagerly look forward to it.

On this blustery and cold December night, I decided to crack into my remaining bottle of last year’s (09-10) vintage, which has been patiently biding its time since last Christmas.  And it is a glorious thing.

Served up in my Allagash footed glass, it is a remarkable beverage.

Appearance : Glorious golden amber with ample antique-white foam. 5/5
Smell: Biscuit up front with notes of vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, sour apple, and dry hops. 4/5
Taste: Wonderfully nuanced and balanced, lots of malt, a hint of sourness, and warming all the way. 4.5/5
Mouthfeel: Luxuriously oily, with the perfect amount of carbonated snap. Smooth and silky. 5/5
Overall: A perfect companion for those cold winter nights. This guy drinks like an old, long-lost friend. 4.5/5

The 2010/2011 edition has already been released, but if you happen upon any of last year’s, don’t overlook it!


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