Lunchtime report

Once in a while, a man must travel to Brooklyn. This is not a trip recommended for the faint of heart. One needs the proper equipment: a Metrocard, a glock, and anti-Hipster spray, because the Hipsters are everywhere, like pretentious gnats.

That being said, the destination in question was Bark Hot Dogs, on the edge of Park Slope. These guys are serious about their dogs. Locally-sourced ingredients, real intestine casings, house-made condiments and buns. Most importantly for Perm’s Picks, they have four taps of Sixpoint, each for $4.

Righteous Ale + dogs B.C., i.e. before condiments.

My order, in addition to the Righteous Ale, was for two “classic” dogs: just plain Jane, old-fashioned beef-and-pork franks. The buns come lightly toasted, and the dogs, in addition to being merely turned over on the griddle, are basted with house-made lard butter. Again, not for the spiritually OR medically faint of heart.

Dressed by the author simply, with only with a stripe of ketchup and a stripe of brown mustard, these puppies were delicious. Each bite began with the perfect *snap* of the split casing, and no nitrates, no sodium, nothing adverse overpowered the buttery mixture of beef and pork. And with the Righteous Ale, which needs no introduction by this author, it was a perfect meal. Salad need not apply.

In all, it was a worthwhile trip to Brooklyn, which, as Wikipedia correctly notes, “continues to maintain a distinct culture, independent art scene, and unique architectural heritage” critically (though obviously not wholly) different from its neighbor across the East River. I did, however, have to wait 20 minutes for the IRT, something which NEVER happens at 3 p.m. in New York.


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