Beer Sommelier – putting your computer’s Flash player to good use


I remember reading about this website about a year ago, and then of course forgot about it, and then, upon remembering it, forgot how to get to it.

Enter random web search lo these many moons later, and – voilà – here she is again, this time here linked for posterity.

The premise is simple: choose a primary ingredient or food variety from list (A), then choose a more specific dish from list (B), then the Beer Sommelier will recommend at least two (sometimes as many as 6 or 7) beer styles that will pair well with said dish. It’s not exhaustive (how could it be?), but it’s quite fun to play with, and the pairing recommendations seem to be spot-on.

Let’s take one of those classic foods that oenophiles constantly scratch their heads over how to pair: asparagus. Our Sommelier here suggests Belgian-style Pale Strong Ale (such as Duvel or Pranqster) or Belgian-style Tripel.  Having had some wonderfully fresh spring asparagus with a Tripel in recent months (was spring really 7 months ago??), I can attest that this pairing absolutely works. Seamlessly.


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One response to “Beer Sommelier – putting your computer’s Flash player to good use

  1. AAK

    This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Especially since such terrific dishes as Irish meat pie (amazing!), cow tongue (delicious!), and those based on several varieties of game are included. Beer is, after all, a traditional man’s drink (and traditional woman’s, for damn sure)… and one that can well accompany the fullness of great Western food.

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