New Digs

So we’re now about 2 weeks into our new abode, and we’re getting settled in and enjoying the vast new tracks of floorspace on which to stretch our legs and terrorize our cat with the greatest cat toy ever. And I’m enjoying the greatest commute to work ever — 5 minutes if I’m slow or stupid.

[this photo has not been digitally tampered with]

This also means that there is now a huge amount of space for the brewing operations — including dedicated running water, cool-temperature (cellar, in fact!) space for storage, and it’s all out of the way, so no more boxes and empties overflowing into our living space. The only missing piece to this is that I’ll still need to use the kitchen stove for boiling (wah wah, right?). I’m not concerned about that. I’ve even got space aplenty for if/when I decide to branch into lagering and need a fridge or chest freezer. I’ve also begun a compost bin, so in go the spent grains (the ones I’m not baking with, at any rate!).

The plan is to resume brewing operation in April with an IPA. I’m also hoping to try getting supplies from 7 Bridges Cooperative in San Francisco — all organic ingredients.

Perm’s Brew Picks is concerned with much more than just homebrewing, of course, and the new house affords space for the other sides of this hobby as well. We have a great little built-in liquor/glassware cabinet in the dining room: some of our more attractive stems and goblets are now on display, as well as a storage cabinet below where bottles of brews can rest in the dark. And, of course, the aforementioned downstairs cellar for longer-term aging.

And, lest we forget, a terrific front porch upon which can be enjoyed any of Perm’s Monthly Picks!


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  1. TheGhost

    Dude, tomorrow’s already the 10th…Diggin’ the new digs (and brewspace). Just slide the rent under the door.

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